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I am a freelance journalist and author. I enjoy tennis, sailing, and creative writing, and spending time with my dog and cats.


Terry Hutchens, the Hardest Working Sportswriter in Indiana, Owns His Beat Again

Check out my profile of former Indianapolis Star sportswriter Terry Hutchens, published in the Limestone Post.

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Ocean Acidification: A Silent, Invisible Threat

It’s been said that if greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide were bright orange and foul-smelling, humans would’ve long ago solved the riddle of climate change.

But CO2 is invisible and odorless – and it’s silently and steadily killing our precious coral reefs.

To read my column about the growing problem of ocean acidification, which appears in the February 2016 issue of Southern Boating magazine, click here.

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New Magazine You Should Check Out Now!

The Limestone Post has officially launched! This compelling new online magazine features “writers with a voice, photographers with a vision” covering people and places in Bloomington, Ind., and beyond. I’m proud and honored to be a contributor. Please check out my Limestone Post debut: a feature story on bison ranching in the state of Indiana. You can also subscribe to the Limestone Post based on your own personal interests. Happy reading!

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A Walk in the Woods

Coming on the heels of The End of the Tour, it’s heartening to hear that another movie based on a beloved book has been released. Even though the reviews are less than stellar, I’ll go see A Walk in the Woods. It sure beats the hell out of going to see yet another bloated, boring, CGI, Hollywood shoot-em-up.

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How to Prep for ‘The End of the Tour’: An Expert’s Guide to Everything David Foster Wallace

Jeez, I really need to finish “Infinite Jest.”

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The Atticus Complex: Harper Lee Sets Her Flawed ‘Watchman’

Excellent, nuanced review.

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Sailing on Film

It seems Hollywood has finally come to its senses — more and more movies about sailing are being made. Last year, sailing enthusiasts like myself were treated to All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford. And now, news arrives that the fascinating story of Donald Crowhurst is on its way to the big screen. Read more here.

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