Why I listen to records. It has nothing to do with sound quality.

Great post … couldn’t agree more.

Kick At The Darkness

Finding himself home alone for a few hours and his to do list completed, he flicked on the light switch and walked down the stairs to their basement. His eyes scanned the shelves filled with close to a thousand titles, organized alphabetically and chronologically. He needed a few minutes to consider his options.

What was his current state of mind? How much time did he have? How did he want to feel? What memories did he want to recall? Something familiar? Something old? Something new?

The tips of his fingers slowly brushed the spines as his eyes scanned each title. His decision made, he gently removed his selection from the shelf and walked across the room. Removing it from it’s protective sleeve he carefully placed the center spindle through the small whole in the black vinyl disk, raised the tone arm and set the needle.

He sat cross legged on…

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